September 13, 2014

NYFW Proenza Schouler SS'15

Amara’s Notes: Twice a year New York's most talented designers come together and have a week filled with fashion shows and lots of partying. New York Fashion Week highlights some of the most daring and creative designers of our generation.

This years favorite for me was undoubtedly Proenza Schouler's Spring/Summer 2015 collection, a show id consider a modern take on very structured silhouettes. The explosion of colors and prints created a more edgy and unique look amongst the pieces. This collection marked a new era of chic “American Sportswear” said backstage by creative director Lazaro Hernandez. I really love these menswear inspired looks for womenswear brands this season. Tom-boys everywhere are finally being liberated lol. Here are some of my favorite looks from the collection.

What do you guys think? Leave a comment below! xx

With Love,
Amara Nwosu


September 8, 2014

Diary Series: Revisiting The Past

All Photography by Feyi Williamson 
Instagram: @Feyimescudi

Amara’s Outfit: Top: ZARA Shorts: F21 Shoes: F21 Premium Collection Glasses: Vintage Hat: ASOS Bag: F21

Amara’s notes: Now that I’m back in the states, I’m getting in full swing of everything.  I got to visit London and Malaga, a city off the coast of Spain this summer. Nothing quite like beaches, new surroundings, good food and even better company for 3 weeks. What I love about looking back at photographs is remembering the amazing memories from my trip. On this day I wanted to wear something colorful but still minimal. This blue top I found in ZARA in Spain (fun fact: ZARA is a company based in Spain!) was a must and accompanied with my obviously favorite shorts this summer didn’t hurt!

Hope you guys enjoy the visuals. Nothing like photos to bring back great summer memories. Xx

With love,
Amara Nwosu

September 2, 2014

Diary Series: Almost Home

All Photography by Amir Henriquez 
Instagram: @amirgotgoods

Isaiah's OutfitOak NYC Top, Uniqlo trousers,  Zara shoes, 
Aritzia cap. 

Isaiah's Notes:  Its always hard finding amazing architecture to capture in Philadelphia but when I saw this building there was no doubt in my mind.  I was actually on my way to get sushi visiting the old city area in the inner city of Philadelphia. The site reminded me of the buildings and sculptures in Ancient Rome, which made me even more attracted to it's appearance. The sculptured grays and perfect hues of white glass stone went so well with contrasting against my black outfit that I wore. 

Hope you guys loved the setting just as much as I 

Love Always,

Isaiah Walls

August 25, 2014

Calvin Klein Platinum Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign

Every season I like to catch up on new editorials and ads just to keep me updated on some of my favorite stylist work. I came across this amazing fall/winter piece, lensed by David Sims and of course outfitted by the brilliant Joe Mckenna. This piece is classic, tasteful and without a doubt timeless!

Just a little inspiration gift to you guys to keep your creative juices flowing!

With Love,

Isaiah Walls

August 5, 2014

Diary Series: On The Go

All Photography by Brandon Gilliam 
Instagram: Ace_Ducket

Amara's OutfitH&M Top, Forever 21 Shorts, Steve Madden Shoes, 
Urban Outfitters Purse, Beacons Closet Sunglasses

Amara's Notes: I'm always on the go, whether it's going to work or hanging with friends and exploring new parts of the city. Summer is a time of minimal rest, a lot of work and even more play. For a day with friends I always like to be comfortable and still well presented. By now you all know that I love wearing basics with a certain pop piece included in the outfit. Detail for me, is key, since my outfits are generally black and white based. Something as small as the chain in front of my boots and the print on my shorts or even the zips in my bag and hat make all the difference in my outfit. The days are starting to get hotter but i couldn't resist bringing my Steve Madden boots out to play. the cut out on the side of my boot makes it a lot more neutral and doable in the Summer. 

I got to visit a few cool locations in D.C this day. every year in D.C it feels like the city is evolving more and more. New buildings and businesses are swarming to D.C as it becomes a more commercial and attractive area. I went to Metro Center where i interned this summer at Sunoco Oil on K St and took some shots at the cool new buildings around the area. The architecture in downtown D.C is very futuristic and modern. it excites me to see the world evolve and see how much life is changing every day. Anyways, I Hope all of you are growing and learning more about yourself each day this summer & don't forget guys, DETAILS MATTER!

Lots of Love,
Amara Nwosu


July 29, 2014

Diary Series: "No one Balls on Canal"

All Photography by Brandon Gilliam 
Instagram: Ace_Ducket

Isaiah's OutfitOpening Ceremony Top, Oak shorts,  Adidas shoes, 
En Noir hat

Isaiah's Notes: 
It's been really good to be back in New York City, and my new Adidas sneakers make running around the city a lot easier. July has been a very busy month working at PR Consulting and today I got time to shoot around and actually document some amazing new merchandise I purchased this summer.  I collaborated with one of my good friends and photographer Brandon. I really wanted to really showcase my sneakers and the surrounding area for this shoot. I wanted to push my boundaries and create something innovative for this post.
The streets of NY are filled with watchful and creative people that are always keeping an eye on details and garments. I  have been constantly stopped about my cool but chic Opening Ceremony crewneck countless times while walking around. I don't plan on ever taking this sweater off because of how comfortable it is. I'm not always a fan of pop colors , but when I saw these highlight colored sneakers at the Adidas store, I knew I had to have them. One small pop piece can go a very long way with a simple outfit.

Hope you guys enjoy the visuals!
Let me know what you think

Love Always,

Isaiah Walls


July 14, 2014

Diary Series: CRISS CROSS

All Photography by Brandon Gilliam 
Instagram: Ace_Ducket

Amara's Outfit: H&M Top, H&M Blazer, Zara Trousers, Steve Madden Shoes, 
Chanel Purse, Celine Sunglasses

Amara's Notes: Now that its half way into my summer, I'm starting to realize the importance of embracing every moment life has to offer.  Summer is a time when I get to do activities I'm too busy to do during the school year, like visit some of my favorite art galleries or go to a book store and get lost. I got to visit some cool areas of D.C this weekend and wanted to capture all the minimal surroundings I stumbled upon. I went from the U Street area of D.C to Georgetown. I wanted my outfit for the day to be comfortable but also very chic and modern. Although my outfit was very basic and minimal on top my trousers was the centerpiece of my whole outfit adding a great pop and "School Girl" touch. My sandals also made my outfit more casual chic and perfect for a day on the move.
My day was full of activities including sushi with friends, a visit to my favorite gallery in D.C "Artist Proof" and some shopping for my trip to London next week. Artist Proof is a contemporary art gallery that opened in the Georgetown area of D.C this past year. My favorite exhibit was a series of pictures by Fred Maroon, best known for his work on Capital hill documenting the Nixon Campaign and D.C's landscape. What was exciting about this was that this was his first photo series doing fashion photography, which was featured in LOOK Magazine in the early 1960's. The Gallery even had the original copy of the magazine featuring the same model. This exhibit was by far one of the best I've seen all summer. I'm glad I got to spend the day getting inspired. I really miss Isaiah, but summer is giving us a chance to experience individual journeys and reflect on everything we've learned this year. Luckily, the "Diary Series" is a perfect chance for you guys to come along for the ride. Hope all of you are taking advantage of summer; nothing beats good weather and good company. XX

Lots of Love,
Amara Nwosu